Dedicated to the restoration of vintage WACO biplanes, Rare Aircraft allows its customers to relive the open-cockpit excitement of aviation’s golden years. In addition to its award-winning restoration specialty, Rare Airecraft offers American Champion sales and service, high-quality flight training programs and a full range of aircraft maintenance services from its facilities in Faribault, Minnesota.

This is one of those unique sites where the product really speaks for itself. We limited the color palette of the home page to more vintage colors that emphasis the beauty and history of their planes, and as you go deeper into the site we broke the sub pages out into different color schemes to differentiate between the wide variety of services Rare Aircraft offers. It was important to have a slideshow to feature the photographs of the planes, and for a good reason; the gorgeous photos coupled with a handsome, clean design make getting to know the planes and the family owned business behind them a pleasure.

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