New and Improved Website

It’s an exciting time over here at Clearsite Creative. Amidst being extremely busy with other projects, we managed to carve out some time to design a new website for ourselves. The whole process pushed us to really think hard about who we are as a business, what we stand for and what we want to do for our clients going forward. This introspection was a great way to get us focused on the future.

One of the key things we set out to do in this revision was to make information about us, our company and our services clearer and easier to find. We did a complete overhaul on our company profile, and we highlighted many services that previous visitors and our current clients may not have been aware of.

We went through quite a few website concepts before we were satisfied with the direction. Here are a few pictures from the more important points of our re-design process.

Final Website

Beta 1

Previous Website

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